So you're worried about being orange...

If there's one thing I can guarantee every new client will say to me, it's some variation of "I don't want to be orange," or "Will I be orange?" Outside of installing a sign in the dressing stating "No, you will not be orange," there is little we can do but soothe those concerns with these facts...

There are terrible orange tans out there, awful. Even our President is a fan of orange war paint on his face. Can you get an orange tan somewhere? Absolutely. Are we going to give you one? Probably not. Did you check our reviews? Look at all of our client pictures on Instagram? Don't take our word for it, let our clients speak for themselves. You are special indeed, but probably not unique in that you'll get the only orange tan we've ever given. 

Here's what makes a good tan go orange- 

  • Bad formula. There are hundreds of formulas to choose from, and we are constantly trying new products. Instead of carrying 10 options that are mediocre, we carry a few really good ones. Yes they are expensive, but my goodness they are worth it. 
  • Poor Spray Technique. Its possible you've already had a bad spray tan somewhere. The technician was super sweet, and you feel bad for complaining, but she spent 30 minutes coating you over and over again until you were sopping wet and the color of a pudding pop. There is a good chance you also developed way too dark and possibly orange.
  • Over Development. More is more, right? You decided that leaving your tan on for 30 hours before showering would definitely make it last longer. Except what you didn't count on is that you stink like hell and you've turned a lovely shade of burnt orange. Less is more, 24 hours max for development, and only if you can handle a darker shade that *may* start getting a little warm toned. 
  • Skin PH. You're not going to want to hear this, but some of this is out of our hands. The PH of your skin can have a massive effect on the way a color develops. So even if you get the same spray tan multiple times, it can develop slightly different each time. What affects your skins PH? Well, damn near everything. What kind of soap you use in the shower, whether you're on your monthly cycle, what kind of food you've been eating, whether you showered too close to your appointment time, medications, etc. The higher your PH, the more warm the tan can develop. 
  • Color Perception. If I were blind, could you describe the color Purple to me? Go ahead, just try it for a second. You cant, because color is perception. What is dark to one person is too light. What is tan to one, is orange to another. Do I know anyone else's perception of what orange looks like to them? Sure don't. We do our best by making sure we choose the right color for you and apply it appropriately. No one can do better than that in spray tanning. Its science, not magic. 

So if you want to help yourself out, give your tan the best hope of developing well, here's what you can do. 

  • You're not going to shower right before your appointment
  • You will stop using any bar soap at least a few days before, and definitely not during the week of the tan. Dove included, its garbage for spray tans.
  • You'll rinse off your tan in a desired amount of time, 8-24 hours max. 

Help us make the world more beautiful one tan at a time!