In response to the rising awareness of the harmful effects of UV exposure, Sweetheart Tan wants to provide a healthy & guilt-free way for people to obtain the natural looking tan they desire



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Mobile tans

Mon 10 am- 11am 8pm-9pm
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We Are Located In Williamsburg At 222 Metropolitan Ave. 5 Minute Walk From The Bedford Ave L Train, the Marcy Stop JMZ, or the Lorimer G Train. Please look for the Pink shutters and door.

222 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211




The Bridal Tan

A green based tan? Yes! Green is opposite of red on the color wheel and can minimize any pinkish or red tones in your skin. Looks great on all skin types but particularly on fair skinned redheads, light blonds, freckles, or olive toned skin that hasn't seen the sun in ages. We love this on brides for its subtle glow. 8 hours for light development, or 8+ for a more medium shade.

Full Body $60, Half Body $40

The Supermodel

You’ve always wondered how they get those gorgeous brown tans without the sun damage? Well here it is. This formula has an amazing violet base that produces the deepest, darkest Mediterranean like tones that you’ve ever seen. Recommended for medium skin tones and base tans, or anyone wanting a true “Just back from Vacation” cocoa color. Develops in 8+ hours.

Full Body $60, Half Body $40



The Express

Don’t have 8 hours for your tan to develop? Have a party to attend, a yoga class, or a hot date? Introducing the ONE HOUR tan. For lighter skin tones a warm rinse in an hour, medium in two hours, darkest development 3 hours max. Beautiful fade with no artificial fragrance. We carry multiple shades and depths in the Express tan and can choose your preference in person.

Full Body $70, Half Body $50

Mobile Spray Tans

Mobile tans start at $100 AND an additional $10 if you choose “The Express” formula. Tan is done in your tub or shower with thorough clean up provided. Spray tan solution is non staining. Set up, tan, drying time, and cleanup is completed in approximately 15 minutes. Please give us flex time of 10 Minutes early or late for your scheduled time depending on traffic and parking. 

*Areas shaded Pink are out of our Service Area*

Cancellation, Late & Respray Policies 

We take a credit card to hold your time but it will not be charged unless one of the following occurs-

  • Same day Cancellations are subject to 100% charge, less than 24 hours but cancelled the day before are 50% charge. 
  • Being more than 5 minutes late is considered a No Show and charged the full service price. No exceptions, please allow plenty of time and call before you are running late. We will do our best to fit you in if possible. 
  • Rescheduling your appointment for the same day is subject to a 25% charge. Future date reschedules must be made the day before or it is considered a same day cancellation. Changes can be made to your appointment via the link in your confirmation email if done more than 24 hours beforehand. 
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with your tan or service, whether that was a mistake on our part or you weren't able to follow aftercare instructions properly, please let us know asap. resprays must be done within 24-48 hours of original service. We do not respray for color that developed too light as this is based on many factors out of our control.



  • 5 PACK of Studio Tans X $55 EACH- $275   (EXPIRES IN 6 MONTHS
  • 10 PACK of Studio Tans X $50 EACH- $500 (EXPIRES IN 12 MONTHS)

Loyalty Program

Sign up for our loyalty program at your first tan.

Earn 1 point for every $10 spent and receive a free tan at 70 points

Gift Cards

We sell gift cards in any denomination you choose. They do not expire and you can have it sent via email to your friend of choice! 


Day Before Tan:

  • This is the time to wax or shave.
  • We recommend exfoliating well to help with application and keep your tan lasting long. Avoid oily scrubs.
  • All manicures/pedicures, spa services, facials, waxing, eyelashes should be done BEFORE your spray tan. Your tan should be your last service. 

Day Of Tan:

  • Formula choice will be discussed and decided at time of your appointment.
  • Do Not Apply lotions, deodorants, perfumes or make-up before application.
  • Showering should not be done within 3 hours of your appointment. This is VITAL to your tan developing and lasting. Showering right before your appointment will affect your results.
  • Please avoid wearing tight clothing or shoes to your appointment. No yoga pants or leggings.
  • Dark and loose fabrics are best. Avoid restrictive boots, nylons or leggings
  • Check the weather! Don’t get caught without an umbrella on a rainy day. 
  • Do not shower or come in contact with water until you take your first shower after your tan is fully developed. 

Day After Tan:

  • Excessive sweating, exercising and swimming should be avoided until after your first shower
  • Sleep in dark clothes the first night, and avoid silk sheets or garments
  • During your first shower you will notice the bronzer washing off, which is normal. Your tan will be in tact.
  • Moisturize! Hydrated skin is essential to a beautiful long lasting tan, but make sure to avoid anything exfoliating (salicylic acid, glycolic acid, etc) or harsh to the skin (bar soaps, mineral oil, etc) Check our recommendations page for products we like. 


Studio  appointments are at our retail location in Williamsburg at 222 Metropolitan Ave. Appointments can be made online HERE. We also work as a mobile service at your location to most areas of Manhattan, & Brooklyn.


Please see our hours located above. Late night or early morning appointments can be made by arrangement for an additional service fee depending on availability.


Cash, or Visa, MC, AMEX, & Discover.


Studio and Mobile tans are scheduled for 20 minutes and typically done in less if started on time. 


Most clients prefer to have their spray tan as fresh as possible, so they book between 24-48 hours before the event.

Will spray tan get on my clothes/wedding dress?

The spray tan initially contains a bronzer so that the technician can see where its being applied, and you can have instant color. Bronzer can transfer to clothes and sheets which is why you are advised to wear darker clothing to your appointment. Once your tan has developed and you take your shower there is no longer any bronzer to transfer to clothing. We advise brides to have their tan about 2-3 days before their wedding so they can be sure to have the bronzer rinsed off, however a thorough cleansing will remove it all. We have sprayed countless brides and all have reported no color transfer. 


We can either spray you a little on the darker side to get the color to the ideal depth for the event, or you can purchase one of our tan extenders to take with you on your trip. Coming in for a trial tan before a major event is always a good idea, 


Please avoid tight clothing the day of your tan! Maxi dresses, sweatpants, pj bottoms, loose fitting dresses are all great choices. Leggings, yoga pants, boots, tight socks or shoes are not ideal and can definitely affect the way your tan develops. During your tan, ladies are welcome to wear as much or as little as they choose. Men should wear shorts, boxers, speedos or swim trunks. Please note that we do not provide disposable under garments. 


DHA, the active ingredient in the solution is approved for cosmetic use by the FDA, and is considered non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic.


This varies by person, moisturization habits, activities, how well you exfoliate before hand, and generally how quickly your body sheds its skin cells. Typically a Spray Tan will last between 5-7 days but can last as little as 5 if you're doing excessive swimming or working out or as many as 12 if you develop really well. Other things that affect a spray tans development are hormonal fluctuations, vegetarian/vegan diets, medications, excessive alcohol consumption within 24 hours before a spray tan, tight clothing worn as your tan develops, etc. 

HOW Does a mobile tan work?

Spray Tanning at your location is done in your shower or tub. It is non staining. Shower rinse and clean up will be done by the technician so you can rest comfortably and not risk your tan being exposed to water. Appointment time is approximately 15 minutes.


 We work with the Cinch Wallet app, and can give you $20 off a tan if you’re a new user with Cinch. DO NOT download until your appointment and you’ll receive an extra $15 loaded onto your app. Discount taken at time of appointment, but must not use your Cinch app at any other business first or discount will be invalid. Special rates can be given for multiple appointments at the same location, great for Weddings, Special Events, Photo Shoots, etc. Please email us for details. We also have Happy Hour tans Monday and Tuesday from 12-3pm when tans are $10 off.


Best Spray Tanner NYC- Allure Magazine

“We were skeptical that the light weight coating of color would last, but the gorgeous bronze shade held up through a week of spin classes. 5 Stars” 

-Allure | Spa and Salon reviews
“It can be quite a nerve-wracking experience taking off all your clothes in front of a perfect stranger, but Audrey put me completely at ease and had me laughing the whole time. It was better than most of my first dates… My tan came out perfectly and I felt like a queen for the two weeks that it lasted.”

“I felt great in my own skin. Like a well-adjusted VSCO filter that followed me around wherever I went. A good deal of this confidence is due to Audrey’s handiwork. She truly is a master—no streaks, and the fading was extremely realistic. Because you’re never just one color, my arms and legs were appropriately shaded in accordance.”

-Emily Ferber | Into The Gloss



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One of the most frequently asked questions in spray tanning is what kind of products help keep and extend a tan. Though we do carry a fantastic selection of tanning products at our shop, there are many other natural products that will serve you much better than your standard drugstore brands. Everything below has been carefully selected based on being natural, sulfate free and gentle on your tan. Links will take you directly to Amazon for purchase!

Gentle Shampoo and Body wash combo made with soothing Calendula, almond and sesame oil. 

This Vanilla Orange 2in1 Shampoo and body wash smells divine and is gentle enough for babies...or spray tans. 

Gentle Hypo-allergenic and PH balanced cleanser that works great for eczema, acne prone skin, and sensitive skin types. Multiple natural scents to choose from or Unscented. 

A gentle and lightweight moisturizer that is 100% fair trade and made with all sorts of yummy ingredients like coconut water and coffee berry which protects skin from free radicals

This natural shave cream with aloe and shea butter will be gentle on your tan and leave your skin feeling moisturized. Convenient travel size!

Lavender cream shave great for sensitive skin. Also contains Beta Glucan which can help speed the healing of shaving nicks and irritation. 

Olive and coconut oils moisturize skin while Goldenseal and aloe soothe. Green tea and bamboo scent. 

PH balanced, fragrance free lotion that works very well for sensitive types or eczema. Natural ingredients including cocoa butter, shea, and oatmeal. 

Great for sensitive skin, with Rosehip and argan oils. If you love the smell of roses, you'll be delighted with this.

Very lightweight moisturizer, 100% fair trade ingredients. Made with coconut water and oil. Be aware, coconut is comedegenic for acne types, so skip this if you are!

Organic unscented lotion and nut free lotion for people with allergies. Hypoallergenic formula will not clog pores! Company has changed ingredients at times so please check label first if you have allergies!

Skip the oily scrubs, they leave too much reside on your skin and can create a barrier to your tan. Instead opt for a mitt, this one does a great job of sloughing off dead skin and prepping you the day before your tan.